Bathroom Refurbishment – Faversham, Kent

/Bathroom Refurbishment – Faversham, Kent

After deciding to update the main bathroom in our new home to a more practical configuration and modern style we engaged tradesmen to do the job for us after we purchased our chosen bath, sinks, toilets and taps.  These tradesmen claimed not only to be up to the job, but perfectionists, when in fact they were anything but… all they could achieve to a reasonable standard was the plumbing, the tiling and and finishing in the bathroom was appalling, with many careless mistakes which added up to what was an unacceptable job from our point of view.  Their failure became obvious halfway into the tiling work, which also overran by 5 days.  I placed an ad for a tiler who knew what he was doing and received three responses one of which was from Tim at Kent Renovations.  All three respondents agreed that the tiling and finishing was unacceptable and said that the tiling work would have to start from scratch.

We chose Tim to do the job because he had done our kitchen cabinets a few weeks earlier and had done a fine job of it so I knew he worked to a good standard.  I was not aware that he was such a good tiler as well as a joiner otherwise I would have brought him in to begin with.  Tim finished the tiling to a great standard with diligence and pride in his work with many good suggestions.  Our bathroom looks great now because of his skilled work,suggestions and attention to detail.

To sum him up, Tim at Kent Renovations is an honest, conscientious, diligent and skilled tradesman who has done two jobs to a very high standard for us and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have work done around their home from joinery to tiling.”

Bathroom Refurbishment – Faversham, Kent